The Christmas Toyshop Mystery

The Christmas Toyshop Mystery

Betty and Burt spend their day sorting through the discarded items at their rubbish dump. They discover lost treasures and find ways to reuse the items people have thrown away. So imagine their surprise when a new manager, Lucy, arrives ready to turn their world upside down. But she is stopped in her tracks as a lost teddy brings back forgotten memories. The time when her brother's teddy disappeared into a mysterious toyshop. She tells them about the time when she had to dust off her deerstalker hat, grab her mini magnifying glass and follow in the footsteps of her favourite detectives and find the missing Ted. 

However, once on the other side of the door, she found herself on a wild goose chase. She discovered wacky rooms of wonder meeting colourful characters, magical mechanicals and the ever-so mysterious Madam Dustybottom. 

How did Lucy unravel the mystery, fish out the red herrings and uncover the clues to retrieve her bothersome brother's beloved bear?

A fun magical adventure with inventive storytelling, puppets and original music. This story, and Ted, will capture the heart of the whole family.

Saturday 16 December 11am & 2pm

Sunday 17 December 11am & 2pm

Monday 18 December 10am & 1pm (schools performances)

Tuesday 19 December 10am & 1pm (schools performances)

Wednesday 20 December 10am & 1pm (schools performances)

Thursday 21 December 10am & 1pm (schools performances)

Saturday 23 December 11am & 2pm

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Saturday, December 16, 2023 to Saturday, December 23, 2023
Weekdays 10am & 1pm Weekends 11am & 2pm
£12 - £15 or £48 for 4 Tickets