Riding The Low

Riding The Low

Sat 26th Oct 8:00 pm £15 Auditorium For ages 14+ Music

Riding The Low Are Here To Help The Neighbourhood: Live!

After the success of last’s year’s sold out performance of ‘The Death of Gobs**te Rambo’, we welcome back to perform their second album ‘Riding The Low Are Here To Help The Neighbourhood’ in its entirety.

Paddy: “It just went so well last year. We were really surprised by the response. We had fans travelling from other countries, I think Florida was the furthest. It was a highlight of last year, so we decided to do it again. ‘Neighbourhood’ was a good album for us. It got a lot of new people on board. It’s pretty eclectic and imbalanced at times, but it somehow works. There’s some really heartfelt stuff on there like ‘Beer Tears’ that sit next to absolute monsters like ‘Heed’. It really takes you on a journey, and that’s what we want to achieve with the show. To give you an experience.”

Thematically, the album covers so many different genres. “It’s like a movie. It starts with two lovers on a killing spree in a dystopian future with ‘From The Top Of The World’ to the brutality of the Bowery in 70s New York with ‘Heed’ to a disillusioned man and his musings with a prostitute in the ballad ‘Roadside Mandy’.”

The show will be intertwined with songs from the band’s other releases. With support from the punk rock protégé Joseph Hooligan, it’s going to be a brilliant night.

Please note, this is a standing gig