Swadlincote Asperger's Society and People Express


Thu 11th Apr - Thu 25th Apr All Day Free Community Gallery Suitable for all Exhibition

We invite you to immerse yourself in the unique world of the Swadlincote Asperger’s Society (SAS), a remarkable collective of neurodivergent artists. As we recognise Autism Acceptance Month, the SNUG Exhibition showcases the extraordinary talents and perspectives of this inspiring group, breaking barriers and challenging perceptions along the way.

The exhibition explores the artists’ identities through art, resulting in work that embodies comfort and security, and is crafted with genuine passion. Running from 11th to 25th April, SNUG allows the audience to glimpse the artists’ inner world through installation, digital imagery, sound, and beautiful, hand-crafted weighted blankets.

This exhibition isn’t just about art; it’s a celebration of resilience, creativity, and the power of community.

Let’s embrace uniqueness, champion understanding, and create a world where everyone feels SNUG.