Adult Art Class

Adult Art Class

6 week adult art class introducing the principal of drawing, charcoal, pastels and acrylic paint techniques
Wed 13th Sep - Wed 18th Oct Various 2 hours £15 including materials, or 6 for £85* Loft Gallery 18+

The ideal start for learning the foundations of art. Tutor guided sessions which will build confidence and skill in each medium.

A warm and friendly environment creating a perfect atmosphere for the beginner.

Week 1 – Grid technique, learn a drawing technique to help you produce accurate pictures. This session will focus on Animals and explore exercises on how to draw them.

Week 2 – Perspective, explore the perspective technique with an easy to follow guided exercise. Then look at artists and imagery that use this in their work to create your own.

Week 3 – Illustration, introduction to visual communication and book illustration. We will look at inspirational illustrators. Produce a fairytale illustration made up or inspired by one of them. Then add colour using coloured pencils.

Week 4 – Collage/cutting with scissors, Collage and creative collage using torn techniques, cutting coloured paper and creating with magazines. Explore a range of techniques and artists who use collage as their medium of choice.

Week 5 – watercolour, you will learn all the basic techniques, experiment with an exercise and create a beautiful watercolour painting.

Week 6 – impasto painting, Using acrylic paint experiment with this technique to produce a beautiful piece of art.


*To take advantage of the 6 for £85 offer please email